by Taunton Photographer, Mark Cox Photography

Underwater photography is quickly becoming addictive for me!  At present it may only be at Blackbrook Leisure Centre and Spa but consequently it’s got me hooked!  Most of all being a diver I’m looking forward to using the new skills and new equipment when I go on holiday.

Several months ago I was approached by the local Partnership Manager for GLL about a new possible project.   The project involves underwater photography for some of the swimming lessons at the local GLL sites.  After much discussion I was onboard with the project.  First of all I investigated the best cameras, lights etc.  I looked at underwater housings for my DSLR camera..they were expensive!  After trying the Olympus TG5 Tough camera, I have finally settled on the Fuji X t1 camera with a Meikon underwater housing.

Blackbrook Underwater Photography

For the past few weeks I have been practicing with the swimming teachers at Blackbrook to make sure everything ready.  As a result I have managed to already get some great images.  Sessions for the underwater photography will take place at the Blackbrook Leisure Centre during the week commencing 22nd October.  If your child is in Stage 1, 2 and 3, Preschool 1 and 2, Adult and Toddler and Adult and Baby Swim School and you are interested in having an underwater photograph taken please follow the link here to register.  Finally, a copy of my privacy policy linked to the underwater photography can be found here.

underwater photography 1

underwater photography 2


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