Outdoor Family Portraits

by Taunton portrait photographer, Mark Cox Photography Outdoor family portraits are always fun.  As a result of lockdown rules being eased slightly, I am now able to take bookings for outdoor family portrait sessions.  Being outdoors means it is easier for us to follow all recommended government rules on social distancing.  Portrait sessions can be arranged for a wide variety of times.  This can be a weekend or as a result of the great weather we are having now, how about a summer evening?  They can take place in a variety of locations - on a walk, in a park, [...]

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A Celebration of Wedding Flowers on British Flowers Week

by Taunton Wedding Photographer, Mark Cox Photography British Flowers Week runs from the 15th to the 22nd June 2020.  As a wedding photographer I love capturing all the details of the wedding day.  Many brides will spend a lot of money on wedding flowers. As a result I make sure I capture all the lovely flowers on each wedding day. Whilst the flowers may last a few weeks, the photographs will last a lifetime.  More information on British Flowers Week can be found here. Below are some of the beautiful flowers I have photographed at recent weddings: Have you recently [...]

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School Portrait Photography

by Taunton portrait photographer, Mark Cox Photography A school portrait records a specific time in your child's journey through their school life.  They are incredibly important in documenting your child and how they look and act as they grow up.  As a result of the majority lockdown restrictions still in place, unfortunately most children will miss out on their school portrait this year.  However, a school portrait doesn't have to be at school.  In fact, they can be even more fun when done outside of school. Having photographs taken in a place where your children feel comfortable allows them to [...]

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Family Portrait Photography on the Quantocks

by family portrait photographer, Mark Cox Photography There are so many places on the Quantocks for family portrait photography.  I want to share with you a photoshoot that was done pre lockdown in one of these locations.  When a family books a photo shoot I always ask them where their favourite places to go are.  I find being in a place they enjoying visiting helps them to relax.  As a result allows me to get more natural photographs. Each family photo shoot lasts between 60 to 90 minutes.  Whilst no two sessions are the same, I will ensure I take [...]

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Sydenham Barn Wedding

by Somerset wedding photographer, Mark Cox Photography Sydenham Barn is a great venue for a wedding.  In May I was fortunate enough to photograph the wedding of Ryan and Melissa there.  It was a great day with so much fun.  After getting ready at the Bower Inn, the bride made the very short journey to Sydenham Barn.  This wedding was a first for the venue as we were using their newly built outdoor wedding area.  The florist had done a great job of decorating the pergola; it looked fabulous. Following a lovely cermony and signing of the register, we took [...]

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Family Photography on the Quantocks

by Taunton portrait photographer Mark Cox Photography Family photography is one of my favourite sessions.  Less time pressured than a wedding, a family portrait session allows everyone time to enjoy the session.  Meeting a family for a family portrait shoot is always fun.  There is time to get to know the family and consequently help them to relax in front of the camera.  Sessions can take place anywhere the family wants and as a result of being of being in familiar surroundings, makes for great images.  The session below took place on the Quantocks with fabulous views of the surrounding [...]

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Wedding Anniversary Photography

by Taunton Photographer Mark Cox Photography I love photographing weddings and all the joy, celebration and love of the special day.  Wedding anniversary photography is the same except it is far more relaxed and fun!  I'm not sure how they did it but the children and grandchildren managed to keep the party a secret from the happy couple.  As a result, it was a complete shock to them both when they walked in the door and lots of their close family and friend were there to party with them. The party was held at the Wyvern Club in Taunton.  This [...]

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Family Photography

by Taunton portrait photographer Mark Cox Photography A family portrait session is one of my favourite sessions. Rather than having a set timeline like a wedding, family portrait sessions are very relaxed with no set plan.  In the majority of the family sessions, we agree to meet at a set location and just go for a walk.  Along the way, I will spot various locations and take some photographs but there is nothing set in stone.  I try to make the session as relaxed as possible. As a result, I find I am able to get many more great images [...]

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Underwater Photography – Blackbrook Leisure Centre

by Taunton Photographer, Mark Cox Photography Underwater photography is quickly becoming addictive for me!  At present it may only be at Blackbrook Leisure Centre and Spa but consequently it's got me hooked!  Most of all being a diver I'm looking forward to using the new skills and new equipment when I go on holiday. Several months ago I was approached by the local Partnership Manager for GLL about a new possible project.   The project involves underwater photography for some of the swimming lessons at the local GLL sites.  After much discussion I was onboard with the project.  First of [...]

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A Mothers Day Present

by family portrait photographer, Mark Cox Photography On the blog today are some images from a portrait shoot I was commissioned to do a few years ago for a Mothers Day present.  All images were shot in the grounds of the beautiful Hestercombe House.  After the shoot a wonderful, large framed print was produced just in time for that priceless Mothers Day Present. Happy Mother's Day to all those wonderful Mother's out there!  Enjoy! Would you like to arrange a family portrait session or purchase a family portrait gift voucher?  Are you planning a birthday party or wedding anniversary celebration?  [...]

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